The A List. The Programs We Promote Together

This is the ones that we can start promoting right now. Promote them, surf them, whatever the requirements are. In the end this list will have 10-15 of the best programs. Our goal for each of us is to have 10 programs active. As one program gets on auto-pilot from referrals, put it on hold and add another one in. Eventually, founding members banners will be rotated here, 1 program for each. The rest of you will get unlimited banner and text impressions at my traffic exchange. Hot Yellow Traffic Blast You will also be able to surf for credits for your link views. I will also be working on deals with other Traffic Exchanges to get you FREE advertising! We will have a link board with the best FREE advertising available. DO NOT LET THIS OVERWHELM YOU! Keep in mind this is a long term thing, just work on 1 or 2 a day for a few hours. Switch it a around, work a week on one and then another. Keep it fun and we will grow our paychecks together! Start signing up! Note: Chikita is ads like google, only sign-up if you have a website or blog to put ads on.

Some of my Favorite Sites:
Each banner is clickable No Minimum Payout

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