Looking For Other Blog Owners To Connect

We are looking for at least four other Affiliate Marketer blog or site owners that want to connect together and promote our opportunities. In All we want to actively work 10 opportunities. We have picked our two. Now we need four others to pick two good money makers each. Our Idea is all of us promote the same 10 programs or PTC sites. We each will have two links on each others site. After a while we help promote our members links to the same programs so we all can grow and work together. We will need to connect our sites by a single chat box, so members will always have someone to talk to and get help. We have a chat box code we all can use. If Interested E-mail Us at Hotyellowservices@gmail.com E-mail Us for Our 2 picks and send us links to your 2 picks. We have a few through out this site if you want to use any of them for yours. Any of our members will also be given a free account at our traffic exchange. Click Here For Hot Yellow Traffic Blast We hope to get thousands of us working together as a team. With just the number of friends on blog spot we would have thousands on our team. After we get all of out blogspot contacts on board, we can go outside and promote all members links! We are members of all programs you see on this site. Anyone that wants to work together, join a few and lets get started! HotYellowservices@gmail.com


Making Money Working Together

Welcome To Our Blog! Its is a fact 97% of affiliate markets fail to make anything on the internet. Although we are not pros, My husband and I have been working at this for a couple of years. We feel that we have the direction it takes to make to make a steady income. This does not mean getting rich by any means! Instead, building a steady income slowly, using about 10 programs that we all work and promote together! It will always be a work in progress testing and switching programs, until we hit that right 10 combination of quality programs that earn for us all! I say 10, because I personally feel that is going to be what it takes. If it takes less or more so be it. We feel very strongly about this fact: "Its Takes Working Together As A Dedicated Group Of Friends To Succeed At Achieving A Measurable Result" Jump on Board if you have the time and patience to work with others to achieve being in that 3% that makes money!


A Good Starting Point

We believe a good starting point would be to set up a blog just like we have, if you do not have one already. Monetize it with Adsense. After you have set up your blog, it would be a good idea to add the community chat. We will need to have a place to meet and discuss programs and direction. Send us a email for the chat code. Down the the rode a busy Chat will produce many referrals to our programs!


For The More Experienced Affiliate Marketer

At Some point you will want some kind of page or site and have all your banners or links worked in to it. That is what you will want to promote the most, and give you a shot at getting a sign-up of some kind. We suggest just using a info blog like this, mainly because its FREE. If you want to take it a step further and really make it professional looking, you can always purchase a professional site script for a little bit of nothing. Get a pro theme, traffic exchange, PTC site,banner exchange site, auction, forum, classified site, etc etc. You can even buy a pre-built site for almost nothing! Here is a great scripts store for this purpose. They also, Have a very good affiliate program, that I have used and done very well with!

For All in my down line, as promised, you will get unlimited banner and text ads to promote your links! You can surf for credits to get page views. Go ahead and get a Free account setup. REMEMBER, IF YOU USE GOOGLE ADSENSE, YOU CAN NOT PROMOTE ON ANY KINDA OF TRAFFIC EXCHANGE OR PTC SITE. USE CHIKITA PREMIUM INSTEAD.
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Programs Being Tested--Send Your Suggestions

This is where we will post the ones being tested. Send your banner code to HotYellowServices@gmail.com or Post your link or code under comments. If it becomes one that we will all use, it will be moved up to the A list. Make sure your suggestions have paid!
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The A List. The Programs We Promote Together

This is the ones that we can start promoting right now. Promote them, surf them, whatever the requirements are. In the end this list will have 10-15 of the best programs. Our goal for each of us is to have 10 programs active. As one program gets on auto-pilot from referrals, put it on hold and add another one in. Eventually, founding members banners will be rotated here, 1 program for each. The rest of you will get unlimited banner and text impressions at my traffic exchange. Hot Yellow Traffic Blast You will also be able to surf for credits for your link views. I will also be working on deals with other Traffic Exchanges to get you FREE advertising! We will have a link board with the best FREE advertising available. DO NOT LET THIS OVERWHELM YOU! Keep in mind this is a long term thing, just work on 1 or 2 a day for a few hours. Switch it a around, work a week on one and then another. Keep it fun and we will grow our paychecks together! Start signing up! Note: Chikita is ads like google, only sign-up if you have a website or blog to put ads on.

Some of my Favorite Sites:
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DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

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Good Paying Online Stores. Easy Sales

At some point we need to try to work in at least one store, so that we have a shot at making a little larger commission once in a while. These 2 online pet suppliers have always done well for me. They work good promoting to people you know, Relatives, Co-workers, Neighbors, Friends etc. It seems that they work well on any type of site, because even marketers have pets, I use them myself for my own pets. .. Try these or at least find one store to plug so that you at least have a shot at the bigger commission every so often.

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