A Good Starting Point

We believe a good starting point would be to set up a blog just like we have, if you do not have one already. Monetize it with Adsense. After you have set up your blog, it would be a good idea to add the community chat. We will need to have a place to meet and discuss programs and direction. Send us a email for the chat code. Down the the rode a busy Chat will produce many referrals to our programs!


MrAdVenture said...

Please believe me-AdSense is about the worst choice a Blogspot user can use-only 3% ever receive a payment-the rest are cancelled for "Violations of TOS"-and always just before you reach payout.

If you have repeat visitors,and the only choice you offer them you are almost certain to be cancelled-as they will use the fact that the same IP may have clicked you to close together for their liking.

The real truth is they only want large volume publishers who also spend their earnings on AdWords.

i could tell you much much more-but my aim is to help not bore :),so I strongly suggest you join 2 or 3 AdSense Alternatives and place them on every page.

Not only will you earn more by having a wider selection of ads,you will also greatly reduce the chances of being banned by anyone.

The above is not my opinion,but facts based on years of research and testing-I am glad to answer any question you may have.

Alisa said...

Nice post and very good advice